Social Studies


Alango 2009 All School Reunion was held August 15, 2009, at the historic Alango School and started with registration at 10 am.  The school is located in Angora at the intersection of Highways 22 and 25, between Highways 73 and 53.  The one day affair provided time for reflection and interaction between past attendees and employees of the school during its operational years (1927-1987).

The school’s old bell rang once again at 2 pm when the all-school photo shoot will took place on the front steps.  Other highlights of the day was music by Leslie Harkonen;  food sold by the St Paul Lutheran Ladies at noon;  door prizes;  class meetings in the afternoon; history sharing; and a catered buffet.  

The day concluded with a concert at 6:30 pm performed by the seven-piece Finnish brass band “The Ameriican Poikat” (Boys of America).  This band has traveled to Finland to perform and is made up of musicians of Finnish descent. The group has evolved around the charm of old music and dance arrangements.  The concert was held at the gymnasium.   Listen and dance to waltzes, polkas and schottisch. 

The Library was the place for Ron & Corrinne Maki and Dorothy Alto (a former Alango School teacher) to reflect on old times.

Back row, Sam Pajari, John Koslucher, Roger Billington, David Folkedahl, Orvald Rein.
Front row, Barbara Edblom Gunderson, Esther Juntunen Solas, Rita Sarazine Cheney, Hazel Urdahl Kehoe, Loretta Scofield Olson, La Verne Scofield Kehoe.
This is the Alango Class of '58 at their 50 year reunion at the Alango School, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008


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The Class of 1957 holds 50-Year Reunion, August 18th 2007.

Eino, Martha, Ronald and Arlene Sikkila on the way to Cook for Graduation Day, 1966. The Sikkala's lived behind Alango School in the Principal's Residence. The building in view is the Shop; it is now only evidenced by some concrete left over from the landing of the side stairs and a curb.

Members of the Class of 1953 visit the school, August 2005. Left to right: Shirley (Paavola) Fry, Kay (Bunich) Lind, Marlene Brown, Avis (Anderson) Cowan, Joyce (Wilenius) Alto, Lee Arola.

Members of the Class of 1955. Back row: David Musaka, Ken Gjernes, Norman Cave, Lester Erickson, Bob Nelmark. Front row: Pat Eilola, Dallas Tinkey, Shirley Nurmi, Sandra Harding, Irene Brown, Dave Hollen, Virgil McCue, Emorie Nissinen, Peter Hakala.