Physical Education

Memories of a time gone by.

Corrinne (Sarazine) Maki, Class of 1957


Mike Koskovich, Vincent Scott, and Dan Erickson all share a vision: restore Alango Field.  As late as the eighties Alango Field was teaming with events; the most popular was softball.  Tammy Salo, a custodian of Alango School then, recalls her dad crafted the dug-outs.  Gaylen Kehoe (’57) helped maintain the greenery.  Kehoe is teaming with Koskovich, Scott, and Erickson to see to it another generation experiences the fun of playing ball.

Ronald and Corrinne (Sarazine) Maki (’57) initiated the baby steps to kick-off the restoration.  Their children and grandchildren commenced to beautify the friendly confines by transplanting discarded waste and recyclables in the proper manner.

In the fifties, fewer trees obscured the view of the field from the front porch of the school.  Not to be overshadowed, pruning and clearing has restored the vista to the north: a view one younger volunteer beholds as the best.

Also in the fifties baseball was played across the street from the school, to the south of the current Harlan and Lee Nurmi residence. But football certainly commandeered the main field.  As remembered by the Makis, perhaps even cross-country runners traversed the terrain.

And in the earlier years the field would be the conclusion to the flight of the toboggan.  Remember the Laskiainen?

Today, de-watering the field with the help of restored swales and ditches will be a great leap forward says Koskovich.  He’s logged hours into defining the waterways as he does best with his clients of M&G Tree Service.

Working side by side, breaking the peacefulness of nature is reserved for friendly delegation and an occasional spontaneous memory.  But not one instance has passed when a voice asks, “You think if we build it they’ll come?”   Work continues, and each person grins thinking the other was the one who asked.

Jack Pakala tends to the tall grass with his tractor.

Students of the fifties conclude the event by heading back to the school.