Since 2004, the Alango School Project has been a family and community effort to restore and give new life to one of this country's old schools, the Alango School in Angora, Minnesota.

The school is located in Alango Township, which was incorporated in 1910. The word Alango might be a derivative of Alanko or Olanko, a Finnish surname meaning "lowland" or "dale" - the Finns having comprised a significant percentage of the area population. Or Alango might be in reference to Aulanko or Aulango (also Finnish surnames), the name of a famous park in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Currently a forest park and tourist center, Aulanko Hill was the site of an ancient castle, destroyed sometime in the 13th century. Another castle was built over the next 500 years. During the late 19th-early 20th centuries, significant work on the grounds was undertaken and additional buildings were added to the property, including the first private elementary school in Finland. Perhaps our Alango School is our own "castle in the woods."

This school taught children from the surrounding township from 1927 to the late 1970’s. It is an educational and cultural landmark of the area, and it is a little-known gem in the National Register of Historic Places that is important to our understanding and appreciation of past generations as well as who we are today.

The building itself is worthy of preservation, built in the Italian Renaissance style that showcased beautiful wood grain and fine craftsmanship.

It is our mission to preserve and revitalize the historic Alango School, to share it with the community, and to educate the public about our cultural heritage and the importance of historical preservation.


Mission Statement

"Our mission is to restore and revitalize the historic Alango School. Our purpose is to preserve and share our cultural heritage, and to promote personal, family, and community enrichment. Through dedication to our mission, we hope to educate and inspire."

You can be a part of the Alango School Project!

We’re looking for your memories of Alango School. Send us an e-mail or snail mail (see contact information in Principal’s Office) with any memories you have of the building, staff, or happenings. This might include old letters, newspaper clippings, photos, old documents such as report cards, personal stories, and favorite memories. Nothing is too trivial! We are also seeking items related to Alango School, and we would love to add them to our collection. (We’ve already found some old “School Number 45” library book discards at thrift shops that are now back on the shelves!) Our goal is to collect, preserve, and archive these items (including personal memories) within the school, and to make them viewable to the public.

You may send originals, photocopies, or scans. By contributing items, it is understood that you are waiving future rights of ownership to that item. It is also understood that we express no guarantees as to when or how the item will be used – only that it will be preserved and archived in the interest of history. All donations beginning March 15, 2014, become property of Alango School Friends, Inc.

Please refer to the contacts listed in Principal’s Office for submission of donated items and questions. Thank you!

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